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About Us

Noida being popular for various five star hotels, big shopping malls and top-class restaurants was lacking the need of a truly inspiring art space until we launched our gallery. We have come up with our platform to assist new & well known local as well as international artists in displaying their impressive artworks. All the artists promoted by our gallery might be diverse in terms of subject matter but they all possess supreme trait of being excellent in their field. At Tara Art Life Enterprises Private Limited, buyers will find beautiful paintings such as Dualism Painting, Eruption Painting, Rainbow Maze Painting and a lot more. Our gallery assists interior designers, architects and other several buyers have access to remarkable artworks of rising, mid-level as well as well established artists. 

We, as a manufacturer and supplier have founded ourselves with a goal to increase awareness about supreme talent of our wonderful artists through excellent international network of art shows, that renders perfect environment to see and greatly enjoy beautiful work of our artists. 

Welcome To Our Excellent Art Promoting Gallery

We are a destination for buyers looking to avail original artworks. Since beginning, under the guidance of two geniuses, Ms. Pratibha Agarwal & Ms. Preeti Bajaj, we have been successfully promoting beautiful art. We operate on a principle that all of our trusted artists benefit by getting their beautiful artwork promoted by our well developed professional gallery. We have brought forward gallery experience for people by showcasing beautiful artworks of rising artists. At our place, get to know and learn about the emerging artists talent by seeing their excellent artworks. 

Are You Searching For Original Artwork?

If the answer is yes then connect to us and find the beautiful artwork pieces. We have for our buyers help, a personal art advisor for providing great assistance in finding right artwork as per buyers requirements. 

Explore New, Discover Best & Experience Perfection

Rely on us and find remarkable artworks by well established and dedicated contemporary artists. Choose us as partners and attain amazing experience of discovering beautiful artworks. We are here to serve our buyers the best artwork that goes well with their style, space, and budget. 

Serving Excellently

We are a safe and reliable platform for buyers to trust for our excellent working. From packaging to delivery, everything we do is with high perfection to serve our clients excellently. 

Lets Collaborate

Operating as a trade professional and requiring original and amazing artwork for project? Associate with our experienced team and learn more regarding exclusive offers. 

What We Serve?

We are here to offer immensely superb amazing paintings like Rainbow Maze Painting, Eruption Painting, Dualism Painting, Distant Dream Painting and more. 

Under The Spotlight

  • Mr. Jatin Chaudhary (Artist, India)
  • Mr. Prem Nayar (Artist, India)
  • Mr. Sacheekant Jha (Artist, India)
  • Mr. Santanu Sarkar (Artist, India)
  • Mr. Vivek Singh (Artist, India)
  • Ms. Anjana Birla (Artist, India)
  • Ms. Krishna Mahawar (Artist, India)
  • Ms. Neelam Sachan (Artist, India)
  • Ms. Shwetaa Nim (Artist, India)
  • Ms. Simi (Artist, India)

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